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December 15, 2011


i wonder what will happen if i never know her at all. never met her at school. never add her as friend in facebook. never have her number. or what will happen if we never have our first date. or first meet. laugh together, watching harry potter the deathly hollow. then had a visit to a beach. having dinner with her siblings. maybe one of my best day ever :')

sometimes. i laugh to myself. how shy i am when i was younger. when i have a gap in my class, i just take a walk, around the school, to find her. when i met her, i just give her a simple smile, without a word. everyday, everyweek, everymonth, until 2 years met, and my time has come to go to a far world, and maybe my last day to met her, to have a first long conversation with her. but maybe not my luck. she's not at the same place everyday we met before. how sad i am. but as a life's rule, we must go on. after a few years later, we met again, and it's the best day ever. the day that i even promised to myself, convinced to her, i will never lose her, like i lost her once.

fazlin. if you could read this. i just want to say, althought i'm not as perfect as your friends, maybe some of them were kind, great personality, or hot, or sometimes strong with a great muscle, i just want to say that i sincerely in love with you. i really do.

for my birthday wish. please. i don't want any surprise party, or some large teddy bear beside me. i just want you, and this relationship, will stay till the end. and that is my best present ever. :')

p/s : i really love you fazlin <3

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