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September 23, 2010

especially to her.

i'm remember our first met,
smile together, laugh together,
maybe that was the best moment i had with you.

i feel weird,
why should you close to someone like me,
a jerk that never know about real life,
a jerk that never know about other's feeling,
a jerk that never know how to take care of himself,
but you still put your trust on me,
because you believes that someone could change.

when we get closer,
something happened,
something that cause us far apart,
something that cause us not as close as before,
something that cause you try to forget all about me.

i never try to forget you,
because you are the first girl i had known,
you are the first girl that always take care all about me,
and you are the first girl that always make me smile. :)

you have your new life,
so do i,
must take care of my own life,
but how much we've been far apart,
honestly, i'm never forget anything about you.
sorry for your lost.
i'm truly miss you.

p/s : perlu ke aku tulis post nie?


Yi Xiang said...


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hasya said...

hahaha :)

faiq said...

nape gelakk? >.<

azaa said...

jiwang :p

hasya said...

seem like i noe her :D

faiq said...

azaa. bialaa. :P
iqa. knal ea? kem salam laa kat dye ea. ;)